If you don't rank, you don't pay.


Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Research is the cornerstone of successful Search Engine Optimization (organic search) and Pay Per Click Advertising (paid search) campaigns. The fundamental strategy begins with identifying the right keywords and targeting the right audience using keyword research tools. Your website will be optimized to increase your rankings based on your chosen keywords, however you must choose keywords which are profitable (not overly competitive and have high revenue opportunities).

Your online ROI is dependent on two issues: (1) how much revenue will your targeted keywords generate and (2) how much will it cost you to achieve higher rankings. Our keyword research tool will help you find popular keywords and determine which ones may sense to utilize for your campaign.

At RankPay, we've built a solid utility for the industry and small businesses by building an easy to use research tool in our homepage that allows you to enter your website and keywords you want to rank for. When we started, we couldn't find the tool so we decided to build one!

What is the Keyword Suggestion tool?

We also built a smaller tool which finds keywords that present the most value for your website. This tool helps you identify which keywords are worth optimizing and which ones are not:


What other tools can I use?

RankPay also provides a Keyword Watch Tool for our customers that allows them to monitor rankings of additional keywords without starting an SEO campaign just yet. You can get started by going to RankPay.com.